Sunday, January 4, 2009

Need more time?

Did you ever wish there was more time in the day? I know that's a common theme around our house. There are so many things that we want to do, and it seems impossible to keep up with it all. How can we decide what to cut out when everything seems to have value? This quote got me thinking...

"God created me. He also created a day to contain 24 hours. So if I can't get everything done that I need to do within a 24-hour period, then I'm focusing on some things God never intended for me to do...God has given us enough time to get done everything He wants us to do. If we rest in this knowledge and trust Him for what must be accomplished each day, our inner striving fades as we rely more on His plans." (Shook)

I find that I need to daily align my activities with my priorities because they so often get off track. For example, I will get so involved with a task such as doing the dishes, reading, typing an email, etc... that I get irritated with my kids for "interrupting" me. The Holy Spirit has quite a time constantly reminding me that THEY are my priority and need my attention more. And when I choose to listen and be obedient, I find that I'm more content AND I have time to do everything that truly needed to be accomplished.

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jenngross said...

Amen, sista! I totally struggle with this! I'm very "task" oriented and always have a running list in my head of what I want to get done in a morning or a day, etc. And as you can imagine, my children always "interfere" with my plans! LOL Thanks for the reminder (which I need to be reminded of often) that they are my priority and need my attention more!