Friday, November 5, 2010

Divine Appointments

Tonight did not go as I had planned. It is date night. Only problem is that I didn't have a date! My husband is in Columbus getting ready to coach a boy in the state cross country meet tomorrow. Because of our co-op I already had a sitter and the boys wanted to play with their friends, so I began looking forward to an evening of quiet alone...a date with Jesus. Little did I know that a divine appointment had already been set in its place.

I came into my quiet house, made a cup of French Vanilla Cappachino, and got ready to relax. Then I got the text..."Are you busy?" Sigh. I wanted to say yes, but then thought better of it. "Can we talk?" Sure...come on over. It was no coincidence that she texted me one of the few times EVER that I have an empty house. To be able to have a conversation and listen without interruptions was a rare opportunity. And while I'm not sure my words had any effect on the heart of this woman who is so far from the Lord, I hold onto this hope that God will use me to open her eyes to His presence.

I have since picked up the boys and tucked them safely in their beds. I have spoken with my husband and said good-night. And now I have the quiet time I had been anticipating, with much more to pray about. I am thankful that God opened my eyes to his divine appointment tonight. I would have regretted letting it pass by.