Friday, December 1, 2017

The Delusion by Laura Gallier

Don't let the cover art fool you...this is not a horror book (I'm not into that).  Instead, it is a book that deals with the spiritual dimension and the battle between good and evil.  A teenage boy has his eyes opened to be able to see what we are blind to.  Instead of demons and angels, they are referred to as Creepers and Watchmen.  He must learn to understand what he is seeing and figure out how to help those who are in danger. 

I really enjoyed Frank Peretti's books, Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness, which fictionalize the spiritual dimension.  I expected this book to be similar - only targeting a teenage audience.  So how did it measure up?

Pros: There is truth to be found here.  The spiritual battle is real.  Evil exists, and we are all susceptible to it's influence.  Yet there is also good, and prayer is powerful. 

Cons: The descriptions of the Creepers is sometimes too gruesome for my tastes.  I'm sure evil is ugly, but I'd rather not dwell on it too much!  Also, the main character is pretty dense.  It takes him a LONG time to figure things out, and some things he never does. 

That leads me to my biggest disappointment with this book.  Nowhere on the cover does it tell you that this is PART ONE of a story.   There is no closure or resolution, which is my favorite part!  I find it very frustrating not having been warned that this would happen, because I would not have picked up the book had I known.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest review.