Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Love Story

Pretty Woman was one of my favorite movies growing up. What woman can resist a good love story, right? But a few years ago God spoke to me through two scenes in this movie (I guess He can use anything!) and it has taken on greater meaning.

The movie begins with Edward (Richard Gere) picking up a hooker named Vivian (Julia Roberts) and eventaully asking her to be his "companion" for the week. He gives her money to buy proper clothes and she learns how to act like a lady. After spending a few days together, they are lying in bed and she tells him how she got into her life of prostitution. Edward says "You could be so much more. I think you are a very bright and very special woman." And she replies "The bad stuff is easier to believe."

I think back to a time in my life when I was making very poor choices. While I've never been a prostitute, I have been ashamed of my sin. And it was at my lowest point that I felt God say to me "You could be so much more" - and I believed Him! That was my turning point, when I began to seek after Him.

And isn't it true that the bad stuff and lies are easier to believe? I don't have many people putting me down, but Satan does quite well on his own. That's why it's so important that I immerse myself in the truth and spend time with others who will encourage me.

Back to the movie...Vivian is alone in the penthouse when Edward's lawyer, Stucky, shows up. He begins to remind her of her past and tells her that she will never be more than a hooker. But as he begins to attack her, Edward shows up to save the day! He grabs Stucky, punches him, and throws him out of the room!

I don't have to fear Satan because my God is a warrior and he will fight for me! In fact, he's already won the battle.

And who can forget the ending when Edward drives up to invite Vivian to leave her old life behind and become his bride. What started out as a fairy-tale love story has come true in my life. I've been sought out, affirmed, and rescued by my Savior, Jesus Christ. And this same love story could be yours if you say "yes" to His invitation.

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