Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just awoke from my nap...recovering from attending the Soulfeast women's retreat. The weekend touched many women in many different ways. This is my story...

I knew God wanted me to go on this retreat and I was excited to see why. My one reservation had to do with the retreat location. It was being held at Inspiration Hills, a special place for me because of the Walk to Emmaus. I was concerned that being there for something different might be a distraction. We arrived, had some snacks, and began our first large group gathering. We worshipped, heard a message, and then were ushered into a time of ministry. Only something was wrong. I was not at rest. I was not comfortable. I cared for the women around me but was unable to reach out to them. What was going on? Why was I here? I began to feel God telling me "It's ok. Just come to me. To the chapel." And then I understood the significance of being at Inspiration Hills. There was a place there that I had met with God in the past, and He wanted me to come. So I did.

The next day Kim led us in a Lectio Divina on Psalm 61. These are the words that spoke to me. "And when my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the rock that is higher than I". These words were already special to me. They are song lyrics. I believe it was the first song that Jeremy taught me to sing harmony to. I have memories of sitting by the reservoir on date night, just us and the guitar, singing that song together. But on Saturday the words took on a new meaning. My heart has been overwhelmed lately. And I needed to be led to the Rock. I looked forward with anticipation to the times during the weekend when I could escape to the chapel and be alone with my Lord. I set aside time at home, but lately it has become more of a ritual. This weekend renewed my desire and hunger to be with Him. I was filled with wisdom and love from the women around me, but I also needed those moments just me, my Bible, and my iPod...resting in the arms of God.

Thank you, sisters, for blessing me this weekend.

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Kim said...

I am so thankful that you were there and that God spoke to you. I had asked God for weeks to show me which scripture to use for the Lectio Divina. - He did not point me to Psalm 61 until after the retreat had started. It always amazes me how He knows just what we need when we need it even when don't understand what is going on.

I pray God continues to bless you and minister to you. You are such a blessing and I love you dearly.