Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet My Friend Vic

Vic and I became good friends last night. You see, all day yesterday I had a constant dry cough. Nothing would give me relief. The only positive I could find is that my abs were getting a great work-out! So I was worried at bedtime cause I needed to sleep. Suddenly I remembered one of those "forward" emails I had read a while back. The email said to rub this stuff on the soles of your feet, covering them with socks, and that it would help. I was pretty skeptical but gave it a try out of my desperation. I rubbed some on the bottom of my feet and then wiped what was left on my fingers on my chest. And ya know what...I coughed maybe 3 times the rest of the night. Now, I realize there are a lot of factors that could have contributed to my cough suppression, so this still needs further experimentation. What I do know is that my cough stopped and that was all that mattered! The other thing I didn't realize was that Vicks can be used to put on sore muscles. So what it does on the bottom of your feet is create a warm feeling that lasts for you just got an awesome foot massage. And when your feet relax, so does the rest of your body. It was wonderful. Infomercial over. No, I do not own stock in this product :) If anyone else has tried this, let me know how it's worked for you!

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Brian said...

Beth and I have did this and it works.