Monday, October 31, 2011


There's much debate in Christian circles about whether or not to participate in activities surrounding Halloween.  I can see both sides.  What I've decided personally is that our family will not "celebrate" Halloween...but that doesn't mean that we have to ban all related activities.  For example, you won't find my house decorated with ghosts and witches, but if my boys want to carve a goofy face on a pumpkin and have it glowing on our front porch - not a problem.  If the boys came to me wanting to dress up as a zombie or sorcerer, the answer would be "no".  But so far they have wanted to dress up as things such as a pumpkin, animals, and Super Heroes - go save the world little ones!

While I support alternatives to trick-or-treat (such as Trunk-or-Treat), there is not one in my town.  And to be honest, I don't really see anything "dark" about letting the local business owners and our neighbors hook my boys up with enough dessert to last them through Christmas.  I respect people who feel differently, but that's where we stand.

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