Monday, November 7, 2011

Bring On The Books!

There have been times recently when I've been bored.  I know, how can a mother of 3 get bored, right?  Well, I get my chores done during the day and by the time homework and dinner is done, I've usually had enough of "work".  So when my husband is busy and the kids are occupied/in bed, or I find myself alone, I feel unmotivated to do anything.  Thankfully we don't have cable, otherwise I fear I would fall into that trap of mindlessly killing time.  It was during one of these times that I realized...I haven't been reading!  I should have picked up on this much sooner.  When I don't keep my mind occupied I fall into a slump.  So I picked up a book from the shelf, and in an instant I was no longer bored :)

The next day I was given a little gift from God.  I received a Christian book magazine in the mail and decided to see what looked good so I could make some requests from the library.  (I like getting books that way because they are free of course, but I don't like not having control over how many come in at a time and then rushing to get through them before the return date.) Anyway, I was looking at book reviews online and kept seeing references of people getting free books from BookSneeze.  I checked it out and found that it is a company that gives free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review!  Too good to be true, I thought.  But as I read the info and saw the selection of books that were available I began to get excited.  I was just accepted and my first book is in the mail!  I will be posting my reviews on this blog, and I hope they will be helpful to you in determining what to spend your time reading and what to pass by. 

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