Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haiti Update

In December I blogged about a ministry we support called A Voice in the Wilderness which served the children in Port au Prince, Haiti. Today was the first newsletter I had received from them since the earthquake. From what I gathered the pastor and staff all survived, but their homes were destroyed. The ministry now has to change its focus. They have no buildings or access to supplies in order to continue their programs for the children. But instead of being overcome with despair, the 15 Haitian staff have taken this as an opportunity to become missionaries to the hurting people. Their plans got changed drastically...yet they go on serving in whatever ways God allows. I think that's so inspiring. Here is a short excerpt from the March newsletter:

"I wish I could tell you the situation has improved but I cannot. If anything the situation deteriorates each day. A large majority of the dead have been buried, but there are many who still remain under the rubble of buildings. There are many who are sick and have no medical help, many who had medical help but now with no follow-up lie on a sheet on the street under the broiling sun of the day and the rains that are now coming during the night. There are many surviving on mud cakes because they have no money and no food. There are many who are still wearing the clothes they had on when the earthquake hit January 12, so the on-the-ground situation has not improved. BUT the incredible good news is Haitians by the thousands are accepting Jesus. And in the overall picture of life and death, that is the greatest news of all!"

Our circumstances in the United States are so much better than that of Haiti, yet their faith outshines ours by a mile. They must believe Jesus when he said "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 In the midst of the suffering happening all around them, they know where their hope lies...or shall I say, lives.

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