Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finding My Song

One of my favorite things to do is sing with my husband. Not on stage in front of an audience, but just the two of us with his guitar. But discovering this joy has been a journey...

I've always loved music and enjoyed singing, but sometime in my childhood I lost my confidence and would only sing in complete privacy. Then I surrendered my life to Jesus and slowly found my walls crumbling. I began to worship in church, but only when I was confident that the music and other voices would overpower my own. And then I had to go and fall in love with a singer (who later learned the guitar too). Jeremy would plead with me to sing, but I resisted for a long time. Finally, one day I honored his request, but I made him turn his back and not look at me! After much encouragment, I began to sing with him alone...and it was amazing. My favorite date nights were those spent somewhere outdoors, just us and the guitar, praising God together.

It's sad to say, but after becoming parents this act of worship has been put on the back burner. There is plenty of music in our home, but mostly in preparation for the next weekends church service. So I treasure times, like date night last night, when we get that guitar out just to worship as husband and wife. It is during those times that I'm filled with peace and the world seems just as it should be.

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him." - Exodus 15:2

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Amy B said...

Oh Jeanette-
This post made me cry! I just encourage you to sing where you feel comfortable-whether it's in a closet or out in the open. God has blessed you with your perfect match. Bless you both.