Sunday, May 31, 2015

Seeds Family Worship

It has been my experience that the best way to memorize Scripture is through song.  There are some Scripture songs that I learned 15 years ago in college that are still in my memory!  ( was really 15 years ago??) While at Exponential, I heard about Seeds Family Worship.  This ministry empowers parents to plant seeds of Scripture in their children's memory through music.

Seeds Family Worship: Their mission
  • To help families experience God's Word through music
  • To teach parents to lead family worship in their homes
  • To provide awesome resources for family discipleship
The song lyrics come word-for-word from Scripture.  You can visit their website, and listen to full-length versions of all their songs here.  There are currently 9 different albums!  I have only pre-viewed a handful of what is available, but so far I've found there to be a good variety of musical styles and lots of catchy rhythms. 

I wish I would have come across this music when my children were younger.  I think my 8 year old would still enjoy it.  But my pre-teen rap lover?  Probably not.  Even though he wouldn't choose this music for himself, he doesn't always get to decide what we listen to in the car.  I can still plant those seeds in his brain against his will if he doesn't have anyplace else to go! 

Songs can be downloaded individually through iTunes, or you can order CD's through their website.  One neat thing about ordering a CD for $12.97 is that the ministry will send you for yourself, and one to give away. 

Here is one song that I just listened to today that has already planted itself in my brain.  It really works!

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