Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The $5 Cookie Greeting

A few months ago we had a scare after Jacob got hit in the back with a baseball.  Because of the symptoms he was experiencing we took a trip to the ER.  Thankfully nothing serious was wrong.  A few days later Jacob received something in the mail...a box of Cheryl's cookies from one of the families on his baseball team.  He got a big smile on his face and said "Mom, they really like me!"  There is something special about receiving something in the mail, especially for kids.

So when a friend from Jacob's football team got hurt this week, my first thought was to send him cookies!  Problem is that we have a little tighter budget being a single-income family.  But I decided to check it out anyway.  Then I saw this...

The $5 Cookie Greeting, complete with personal note and shipping!  I could handle $5 to bring a smile to a young boy's face. 

I thought I would share this find with you in case there is someone you want to bring a smile to today.

You can check out the variety of Cookie Greetings here.

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snyderpartyof5 said...

Thanks for the post! When I had Kailyn, Rachel Weber sent me a box (actually a couple of different boxes) of cookies from Cheryl's. And to a worn-out mom, it was WONDERFUL! I've looked into sending some for various gifts, but I thought it was a bit out of budget too...not any more! Thanks for sharing...this post, not your cookies, that is! And if you find a cookie on your doorstep some day, you'll know who it's from! lol