Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bad Call

Yesterday was our last day watching our son Jacob play 3rd grade basketball.  My husband is glad the season is over since he describes kids this young playing ball as being painful to watch :)  I am glad the season is over so we no longer have to pay $6 each week.  I did enjoy watching Jacob play though.  I think most parents enjoy watching their kids play sports...celebrating the successes, and getting a chuckle out of mistakes they make as they are learning the ropes.  But watching Jacob play also reminds me to never let anyone else determine the course of your life...because they just might be wrong.

You see, when Jacob was 2 years old the doctor noticed his speech was developing slowly.  He was put into an Early Intervention Program.  There he was evaluated by speech, occupational, and physical therapists.  I have no doubt that this program and the following years of pre-school helped his speech development (which was at a normal level before entering kindergarten).  But one observation/prognosis by the physical therapist caught us by surprise.  She told us Jacob had low muscle tone and would never be good at sports.  We weren't going to argue with a professional, but as parents we didn't give this statement much consideration.  If that were true, we would be ok with it, but we didn't see the evidence to back up her prognosis.  She pointed out that holding Jacob was like carrying a sack of potatoes (I can see the contrast now when I carry my "monkey" Brady).  Jacob just preferred that we did all the work!  But to take what she saw and make that prediction was a bad call.  I'm glad we never paid it much attention.  Jacob isn't an all-star, but it is easy to see his natural athletic ability and I enjoy watching him prove that therapist wrong in each and every game.

Maybe you have been given a prognosis by a medical professional, a teacher, your boss, a parent, or a peer.  Maybe Satan has whispered lies in your ear, telling you that you will never be able to _______.  It helps to remember as I do to hold onto things that others say lightly...looking only to God to determine the course of your steps and those of your children.

Baseball season is just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Jacob is a gift from God but so is his mama!! I love you!

Kim said...

What a great post!

My first and most lasting memory of Jacob will always be his video debut at New Hope. Every single time I hear that song, I can still see Jacob toddling toward the cross.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! I speak as one who has heard the experts predictions personally and professionaly and seen them proved wrong!! Only God knows the plans He has for each of us! Right now my cousin is 4 months pregnant with little Kendal and the experts tell us her brain is not forming as it should. My cousin and her husband were asked if they wanted to abort her. They said no and are chosing to allow God to be in control. Yesterday they felt Kendal kicking her tiny feet! Only God knows what Kendals journey will be and I praise Him for she is wonderfully made in His image! ONLY GOD !