Monday, January 16, 2012

The Story Behind the Music

I have liked Jeremy Camp's music for a long time.  His lyrics and style really resonate with me.  So when I saw that he wrote a book about his story, I requested it from the library right away, and I wasn't disappointed. 

His story is one of faith, loss, hope, and healing.  I knew before that He had to cope with losing his first wife to cancer, but knowing the whole story brings so much more meaning to lyrics of songs such as "Walk By Faith" and "I Still Believe".  Not only that, but I have a deepened respect for Jeremy as a man of God.  While this book does give insight into his life and music, the real story is the faithfulness of God and how we can find hope and healing in times of darkness.  I highly recommend it.

What I've been listening to lately:

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