Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Cristian

Our family decided to give Hope to a little boy this Christmas through Compassion International.  This organization provides food, health care, education, and support for children living in poverty and their families.  There are over 2,000 children currently on the site who need sponsors.  The sponsors are encouraged to be in frequent contact with the children to show them that someone cares.

We want our boys to realize how much we are blessed with in this country, and  be able to develop a relationship with a child who lives in a different part of the world.  We want them to be involved in making a difference in the life of a child.  So we set about selecting a child to sponsor, which was no easy task!  We narrowed our search by looking for a boy around Jacob's age who had been waiting 6 months or longer for a sponsor.  Jacob selected Cristian (pictured above) from El Salvador.  All we know at this point is that he was born in Feb 2003 (same month as Jacob) and is one of 3 children in his family.  We look forward to getting our sponsor packet in the mail soon and beginning the communication process.  Please pray along with us that Cristian and his family would feel the love of Jesus through our act of obedience.

To sponsor a child of your own, or get more information about Compassion International, click here.

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