Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory

When it comes to fasting, there are two important elements...the why and the how.  This book does a great job at explaining both!  It contains 104 pages of reading, over 100 pages of recipes and menu ideas, and a 21-day devotional.

She writes "The definition of a biblical fast is to restrict food for a spiritual purpose...it's a spiritual tool that God created to help you strengthen your spirit, learn self-control of the flesh, draw closer to your Father, and focus on prayer".  Without a purpose, a fast would simply be a "diet".  Therefore, the book focuses on what we can learn from the account of Daniel fasting in the Bible and why we should incorporate this spiritual discipline into our lives.  I got a little confused during her explanation of the differences between soul and spirit, but otherwise was very motivated to give this a try sometime in the near future.

The Daniel Fast specifically is a "plant-based eating plan with additional restrictions that include no sweeteners, no leavening products, and no man-made chemicals or processed foods."  It is a very healthy diet with many health benefits.  The author walks through the steps needed to plan and prepare to go on this fast, both physically and spiritually.  While the typical length is 21-days, the fast can be adapted to any length of time.  For anyone wanting to learn more about fasting, this is a great resource.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.

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