Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Birthday Boy!

What is today? Since I have been reminded every day for the past few weeks, I am certain that today Jacob turns 7 years old! My baby is growing up. This year he is in 1st grade and has been doing great...especially in math and spelling. That boy has a fantastic memory! The only time he gets in trouble in school is for not being a "quiet worker" :) Jacob has taken an interest in sports this year. Played his first year of summer ball, and now also likes basketball since Jeremy got him playing it on Playstation. The boys ask constantly to play PIG on the little hoop they have upstairs.

Some highlights of the year have been taking his first trip to the ocean, receiving his Nintendo DS for Christmas from Papa D (which he plays frequently), moving into his "own" room, getting his first pair of "tie" shoes, singing his first solo at church, and of course losing a bunch of teeth! Today he wanted to be a "packer" and bring a PB&J sandwich. Then later we are off to Acres of Fun. Thankfully the snow has stopped so we can go!

One more year that I'm amazed at watching my son grow and learn. One more year that I am humbled and challenged through my role as a mother. And one more year that I am thankful for the love and grace shown to me along the way. Praying for many more...

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Kenny said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! I remember the first time he was at church as a newborn in Jeremy's arms. I will always remember his little steps as he walked to the foot of the cross in the video. He is a reminder of how old I am in Christ. It's a great reminder that as he matures physically so should I spiritually. It's been cool watching him grow up.