Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lesson From a Dixie Cup

Last night at New Hope's Thanksgiving Eve service we sat around tables and took communion "family-style". On the table sat a large cup of juice, which was to be poured into Dixie cups for each person to partake of. If I had been the one to fill the cups, I would have poured just a little juice into each one - just enough to taste. But my brother who sat at our table and filled my cup is a big dude...he filled it all the way to the top! To him this might have been a mere swallow. But for me, this was the biggest communion cup I had ever seen! As I sat there gulping down my communion and remembering my Lord, I felt Him say "Drink deeply".

How often do we just take sips of Jesus? Maybe we only drink enough to keep us going and get us through the day. But to be filled - filled enough to overflow onto others - we need to drink deeply. And this means spending time with the One whose well never runs dry.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to a living God who can speak to me through whatever means He chooses - even a little Dixie cup. May His name be praised.

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink" - Jesus

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Kim said...

Thank you for that.