Thursday, November 12, 2009

The End of a Season

Life is full of many seasons. As it's getting ready to transition from fall to winter, there is another season change happening in my life that is bittersweet. I am now reflecting and celebrating what has been, while at the same time looking forward to what is to come.

Very soon after moving to Loudonville in 2001 Jeremy and I joined a couples small group and have been a part of one ever since. We connected with our first group after visiting a church in Ashland. Even though we were still "church shopping" this group took us in, became our friends, and celebrated important milestones with us, such as the birth of our first child. After a few years we had found a church home and decided to lead a group of our own for the Purpose-Driven Life study our church was promoting, which led to another study on marriage. Then we took a year off from leading to participate in a couples group in Perrysville. And finally, back to leading a group of our own for the last few years. A couples small group was just what we needed during this time in our lives. We were able to fellowship and make great fact most of our close friends have been in a small group with us at some point. And I was able to grow in my leadership by pushing through feelings of inadequacy and trusting God.

While my passion for small groups is still strong, I believe God is leading me away from the couples small group and leading me toward a womans small group for my spiritual growth. And unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow time for both. I've been feeling this for some time but have been struggling with the when's and how's to step down from the leadership position I was in. Monday will be our last official small group night. It's so hard to step away, yet I know that is what is being asked of me. I will miss the regular fellowship with the couples who I consider to be part of my family, yet I know our friendships will remain.

So I look forward to a new season...not quite sure what to expect...but trusting that it is exactly what I need. (Heads up Kim, I might be coming your way!)

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Kim said...

You are welcome to head in my direction anytime you like!

The changing of the seasons can be such a blessing. Treasure the one you were in and be thrilled about the one that God is leading you into.