Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I've Learned From My Dad

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to reflect on one of the greatest lessons my dad has taught to love and sacrifice for my children. I was essentially raised by my father. My parents divorced when I was young. My dad got full custody of me because he was retired military and had more time to devote to my care. Being an only child for a long while, I will admit that I got spoiled. He made me his life. But it wasn't the material things that stand out to was the time and effort that he put into making me feel special. I remember spending lots of quality time together playing games, roller-skating, playing Nintendo, taking road trips, and even just watching TV. As a child he would play the piano for me at night as I was falling asleep, always taking "requests" of my favorite songs. He would also do little things to let me know he was thinking of me such as preparing my favorite foods or scraping the windshield of my car during the winter before school. I always knew that I was a priority to him. Picturing a loving God has never been a problem for me, because I know what it's like to bask in a father's love.

And still today my dad sacrifices his time to come up to visit, baby-sit his grandsons who adore their "Papa Joe", and help out with projects around our house. Just this past week he came up and allowed Jeremy and I to escape overnight for our anniversary...and even gave us the money to do so!

I may not have the luxury of being able to focus all my love and attention on one person, but I certainly hope that enough of my dad has rubbed off on me that my husband and children will always be able to feel the love I have for them and know that they are my priority.

Thank you , Dad, for being such a great example and for loving me even when I haven't been easy to love. Happy Fathers Day! I love you.

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Momma 2 my Beach Boys said...

Wow! You inspire me to go and write something wonderful about my dad! It is harder the more kids you have to devote the time and energy, but oh so worth it! Thanks for the inspiration.