Sunday, May 17, 2009

Like a Child

Sometimes I finish watching a movie and think "Wow, I just wasted the past two hours of my life!" And sometimes I enjoy movies because they are entertaining and make me laugh. But there are those few movies that stir my soul and leave me deep in thought...movies that I know I will remember for weeks, months, and even years after watching it. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is one of those movies. Essentially it is about seeing the Jews concentration camps through the eyes of a child. And it reminded me that sometimes children have things to teach us adults...

Children can teach us to love without judgement or prejudice.

Children can teach us to fully enjoy the moment, instead of thinking about everything else that needs to be done.

Children can teach us to play sports for the love of the game. I enjoy watching Jacob's t-ball practice because the kids care about each other and having fun more than the competition (which may drive all the fathers crazy during

And when it comes to faith, Mark 10:15 tells us to "receive the Kingdom of God like a little child". My kids are so trusting and have complete faith in me to care for all their needs. They don't worry because they know they are loved and in capable hands. If only we all trusted our Heavenly Father the same way...

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Kim said...

I agree about watching movies - wanting to get a refund on my time after some of them! I also agree with what you said about how children can teach us so much. God has taught me plenty about my relationship with Him through my children.