Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's Good to Be Queen by Liz Curtis Higgs

Who was the queen of Sheba and is there anything to learn from her?  That was the question that led me to pick up this book.  I had read the few verses about Sheba's visit to King Solomon in the Bible, but honestly had never given her much thought.  Liz Curtis Higgs has researched what Scripture and historical documents have to say about this queen, and then throws in some personal insight and application.

Here's what I liked: Liz stuck to the truth.  Even though I have never seen them, there are various films and stories about the queen of Sheba that are based on legend, not fact.  This book sticks to what we know to be true, using various translations of Scripture.  The passage is broken down phrase by phrase to add in historical context and personal application.  Going this slowly through a passage of Scripture really helps me to focus and think through the message that God was trying to convey.  It also helps me to remember the story long after the book has been completed!  There are two types of discussion questions at the end of the book: one set of 10 questions for book clubs who are discussing in only one meeting, and other more in-depth questions for each chapter for those who are meeting in multiple sessions.

Here's what I would've left out: All the quotes from blog readers.  Sometimes Liz posts questions on her blog to get ideas and opinions from her audience.  There are several times in the book that these quotes are shared.  I think that's great for a discussion board on a website, but not to be included in the book.  That is just my opinion....I'm more of a "let's get to the point" kind of person :)

I enjoyed learning more about the queen of Sheba and her interaction with King Solomon.  Here's my take-away.  "The queen of Sheba finished exceedingly well: she found the wisdom of God and shared it with her people.  Of all her many fine qualities, that's what makes her a worthy mentor, for our generation and for every generation."

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

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