Sunday, June 14, 2015

What My Summer Looks Like

This is my summer...

...and I love it!

With 3 boys on 3 different teams, we have a game up to 5 nights per week!  Even though our evenings are busy, I don't long for the season to end as with other sports.  I enjoy being outdoors, leaving my to-do list at home, and watching my boys have fun.  

So what about during the day?  I like to keep a little structure in our daytime routine when school is out.  Every year looks a little different.  Here's a few of our "summer rules" for this year:
  • Unplugged from 10-2.  No video games, ipods (except for music), or tv during these hours.  

  • Chores 2 days per week.  I put all the chores needing to be done that week on slips of paper in a bowl.  For 1/2 hour on these two days, we randomly pull out chores and keep busy.  It gets the house tidy and allows me to teach them how to clean.

  • Bible for a Buck.  This is something new I'm trying.  I'm having this be an optional 1/2 hour  time, 2 days per week, in which they earn a dollar for participating.  Since concession stand money is a big motivator, so far it's worked well!  I got a DVD teaching series by Chip Ingram entitled "Why I Believe".  The sessions give logical arguments and evidence for why Christianity is true.  I know some of the information is over their heads - but I wanted to give them a basic understanding of why we believe what we believe.
The library's Summer Reading Program and various day camps add some variety to our days as well.  I like to keep my boys active, yet still have some downtime to just relax and enjoy being together.

If you have any ideas for summertime activities/routines that have worked well in your home, please comment!

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