Monday, May 5, 2014

Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes

Some people may assume that growing up in a Christian home with a well-known preacher as a father would guarantee life is easy.  In her new book, Sarah Jakes reveals that struggles and insecurities hit us all - no matter who your family is.  She is very vulnerable in sharing her own struggles (including a teen pregnancy and poor relationship choices) in order to give other women hope that they too can be found.

What I liked:  Sarah is very open with her struggles and takes responsibility for her choices.  Throughout the book she is continually sharing what she "wished she had known" at the time.  Those words of wisdom may be just what some young woman needs to hear.  Her story also reminded me of how we as the church need to be accepting and show grace to those who mess up.   She found more acceptance and less judgment and condemnation outside the walls of the church...and so that's where she went looking for fulfillment.   Jesus came to save the lost, heal the sick, and free the prisoners.  May our churches become places where the wounded come to for healing instead of running the opposite direction.

What I didn't:  I felt like the majority of the book detailed her dysfunctional relationship with her boyfriend/husband.  Someone in a similar situation may find this helpful.  However, I would have liked to hear less about "Robert" and more about other areas of her life, such as her relationship with her son or her faith journey. 

It takes courage for anyone to share their story, especially when sharing things they are not proud of.  I think it's inspiring that Sarah risked judgment in order to help others.  If you know a young women who appears to be wandering, especially in regards to relationships with men, she may find hope in Sarah's story.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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