Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Latest Download

I recently heard the song "I Will Look Up" by Elevation Worship.  I fell in love with the chorus because it is so visual.  As I envision myself standing and looking in all directions, the lyrics remind me how to set my focus.

I WILL LOOK UP, for there is none above you.

He alone is God.  Looking up makes me aware that there is more to this life than what I can see or understand.  It reminds me to thank God for who He is. 

I WILL BOW DOWN, to tell you that I need you.

Bowing down is an act of submission.  Admitting to God that I can't do it alone, but that I believe His grace will be sufficient for me.

I WILL LOOK BACK, and see that you are faithful.

We're told not to look back in the same way Lot's wife did - yearning for our former way of life.  But we do need to look back to remember God's faithfulness.  He has brought me thus far, and therefore I can trust him with my future.

I LOOK AHEAD, believing you are able.

Walking forward, head held high, confidently believing that God is able to use me to accomplish something great. (easier said than done!) Looking ahead makes me more aware of other people and recognize opportunities I have to bless them.

The only other direction I would add is to LOOK BESIDE.  Standing beside me are my friends and family - the ones who support and encourage me on this journey. 

So now that I've given you a peek at the song, why not listen to it for yourself?

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