Sunday, June 23, 2013

Popular by Tindell Baldwin

I may be in my mid-30's now, but I remember my heartaches and teenage mistakes like they were yesterday.  Maybe if I had read such an honest testimony as is given in this book, those mistakes could have been avoided.

Movies show us the glamorous side of being popular, going to parties, drinking, and having casual sex.  In her book, Tindell shares her story in the hopes that teenage girls can understand the other side not commonly talked about.  She wishes she had known "not more cold facts and statistics, but more of the emotional reality...The challenge is that while the feelings are real, they are fleeting, and the pain that follows is not."  She says making the right choices "might mean you're lonely today, but it also might mean you aren't scarred tomorrow...It's true that God can bring beauty from a pile of ashes, but rising from the ashes is not easy or fun - it's so much better to avoid that type of death."  Tindell then shares about her Christian faith and how Jesus has made all the difference in her life.  She says that her desires weren't the problem, but the way she was filling them was.  I'm sure it is not easy to bare your soul for the world to see, but in doing so I believe that Tindell will be able to connect to girls where they are, and then show them a better way.

I would recommend this book to all teenage girls and the adults who love them.  It may keep some girls from making the same mistakes.  It may help parents find the right words to explain "why" not to make certain choices.  It may also allow others to develop an understanding and compassion for girls trying to navigate through all the emotions and decisions that come during the teenage years. 

On a side note - I think it would be beneficial if Tindell's parents wrote a book.  According to her, they provided a loving, stable home and were able to show her unconditional love even through her rebellion and bad decisions.  They must have a ton of wisdom to share!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.

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