Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Greater Love by Levi Benkert

This book is the true story of Levi Benkert and his family - detailing the challenges and joys they experienced after moving their family of 5 to Ethiopia in order to save and care for orphans.  He shares honestly and openly about their struggles and how God has changed them in the process.
In 2009, Levi learned about the practice of mingi killings that were happening in some tribes in southern Ethiopia.  A child can be considered mingi, or "cursed", if the parents are not married, if the parents had not declared ahead of time to the elders that they intended to conceive, or if the child's top teeth came in before the bottom ones.  The parents would be forced to kill these perfectly healthy children in order to spare the tribe from "evil spirits".  Levi was asked to go on a 2 week trip to help set up an orphanage to care for a few of the mingi children who had been saved.  Once he was there and saw their faces, the direction of his life changed.

While they experienced many setbacks and changes of plans, Levi and his family did make a difference in the lives of these children.  They now have a ministry that helps widows and orphans in Ethiopia to form families and thrive.  To learn more, go to  Or better the book!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.

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