Monday, April 23, 2012

The End of Birthday Season

Isaac just had his 7th birthday this past weekend.  Normally we just have the boys pick one friend and we go do something fun like Chuck E Cheese.  But this year he decided to have friends over, which meant I had to plan something for 17 kids!  Two things saved me: my wonderful husband who was willing to get involved on party day, and keeping the party to 2 hours long!  I was hoping for a beautiful spring day like we've been having, but it turned out rather chilly which meant more indoor activities.  I ran across a website (located here) which allows you to create and print your own bingo cards for free!  That came in handy.  I made ones that spelled ROCKY across the top to stick with our theme.  While the party was a success, I think I'll still try to guide him in another direction in the future.  (By the way, those are not my creative cake-decorating skills...the credit must go to Kym Stake).  Isaac asked for boxing gloves for his birthday, so we now have frequent sparring matches in our living room...and occasional tears :(

We also got our family pics taken this weekend.  I of course went intending to purchase the $9.99 package, sitting fee included.  But we made the mistake of letting the photographer take bunches of pictures, which she then showed to us.  And our kids are so darn cute that we had to buy a larger package so we could get the digital picture cd of all the pictures.  Good-bye $$$.  We won't be going there often...but I'm glad we did.

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