Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unshaken by Dan Woolley

This book was a real page-turner!  Dan Woolley is on staff with Compassion International and was in Haiti working on a film project when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck in January 2010.  He was trapped inside the rubble of his hotel for 65 hours before being rescued, and decided to share his experience with others in order to bring glory to God. 

There were several reasons why I enjoyed this book.  First, it gave me an inside look into Compassion's Child Survival Program in Haiti.  I am already serving as a child sponsor through Compassion, so I was interested to learn more about their ministry and the impact they are having on families in Haiti. 

Then, of course, is Dan's story of survival.  This book not only details the physical challenges that he had to overcome, but lets the reader feel his emotional and spiritual journey through this time....his worries about his family...his need to renew his commitment to God...and conflicting moments of despair and peace.  My favorite part was his conversation with a Haitian man who was trapped near him.  While facing death, Dan was able to lead this man into life in Christ.  He says "It was his moment of decision, and I could tell he was sincere in his choice to live for God.  The moment changed his eternal fate, guaranteeing him everlasting life in heaven...even if the rest of the building collapsed and killed us or we died in a few days because we didn't have any food or water, Lukeson's decision meant he would be with Jesus in heaven".  Amen!

The third topic that is discussed in this book is told through flashbacks, remembering his wife's depression and fearing that it could return if he didn't make it out alive.  While I didn't think all the detail given to the depression was necessary, it was eye opening and helped the reader understand the challenges his family has already walked through.  There are also a few chapters near the end of book told through his wife's perspective as she learns of the earthquake and then his eventual rescue.

Overall, this is an inspiring story of God's grace and faithfulness, showing how He can bring good out of all circumstances.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.

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