Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Victorious Life

I started a new devotional this year that I received as a gift. It's a unique little book because the entries are written as if Jesus were speaking directly to you. And so far the words have been just what I've needed to hear.

I was getting discouraged around the holidays thinking about how I still struggle with the same issues. Yes, I've made progress, but I want the victory. So these words gave me much to think about: "You can achieve the victorious life through living in deep dependence on Me. People usually associate victory with success; not falling or stumbling, not making mistakes. But those who are successful in their own strength tend to go their own way, forgetting about Me. It is through problems and failure, weakness and neediness that you learn to rely on Me. - Jesus" (Taken from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

It reminds me of what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:8-10. He pleaded with God to take his "thorn" away, but learned to accept that when he was weak he was able to be strengthened through God's power. It kept him humble and dependent. So this year I want to learn to boast about my weakness instead of getting discouraged, remembering that His grace is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weakness.

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