Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in the Game

When I lived in Columbus I loved grocery shopping. Clipping coupons and finding good deals was fun. But since moving to this small town where I have to drive 20 miles to a large grocery store (and having babies to cart around), I gave it up. Grocery shopping has become more of a chore. Would the drive be worth it? Would it be worth the time? All I can say is YES!

This week was my first week back in the game (after nearly 9 years). I bought a copy of the Dispatch and did some research on couponing sites my friends use. Here's what I got...

Got this stuff for $6 after rebates at CVS. The Extra Care Bucks at CVS blows me away. If you work it right you can get free products all the time. It seems too good to be true. For example, the contact solution I bought was $7.99, but I got $7.99 Extra Care Bucks that I can use as cash on my next visit...so essentially it was free! And if I use that money to buy other "Free" items on my next visit, no money will be leaving my pockets. And you can use coupons for the item too, which actually makes you a profit! LOL

This is the result of my trip to Kroger. Spent only $15...saved $44. Part of it was matching up sales with coupons. I also took advantage of a pharmacy promotion they are running through the middle of August. Transfer a prescription to Kroger Pharmacy and get $25 free groceries! (You can transfer up to 8, for a potential profit of $200).

I still plan to support my small town grocery store and pharmacy when the prices are competitive, but a weekly trip out of town to hunt down deals has now been added to my schedule :)


Kim said...

I am so excited for you! Makes shopping a whole new experience. And I love having friends to share it with.

Tricia Flickinger said...

Nice! What are some of the coupon sites? I have an apartment next year for school and gotta buy my own groceries now and I'm on a tight budget cuz I don't have a job, anything you recommend?

Jeanette said...

There are a ton of couponing blogs and sites out there. The one that I have learned the most from is www.southernsavers.com. There are "Getting Started Guides" at the top that explain a lot of strategy. They also have sections by store that detail what's on sale and match it up with available coupons. It's a great place to start at least!