Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love is Patient

Love is patient. And I am not.

God was patient with me and continually showed me His grace when I was searching for the truth. And he continues to be patient with me as I stumble through this life and seek affirmation in all the wrong places. He waits for me to bring my burdens to Him and submit to His will for my life.

My husband won his way into my heart by being patient with me. He was content just being my friend until I came to the realization that he was the man God had chosen for me. He is patient with me still as I learn how to fulfill the great responsibility of being a wife and mother.

Yet patience is something I lack. I’ve heard the analogy many times that as Christians our job is to plant the seeds and God’s job is to grow them. Well I feel like I’ve done so much planting and I’m discouraged because I never see the growth. Am I a poor planter? Or am I just not being patient enough to allow God to do His work? Just once I want to know that I’ve been used to change someone's life for eternity. There are so many people that my heart just aches for. I want them to know the peace and joy that I have found. I know God loves them way more than I do and is working His plan, but I want to SEE it! Is that selfish? I imagine God patiently waiting for these children of His to turn around and run to Him. But I am not as patient.

Father, fill me with YOUR love for your people. Inspire me to show that love wherever I am and to patiently wait for you to grow any seeds that are planted. Also grant me patience for the work that you are doing in MY life that seems painstakingly slow at times as well. Thank you for being patient with me~


Kenny said...

Amen Jeanette. I can so relate to your words.

Jan said...

Just as we may never know the "whys" that some things happen in our lives, we may never know if we have touched someone's life. Be content in the joy of our Lord, and know that you are loving others because He loves you.