Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Being a mom, I've noticed that my mood is greatly affected by the way my kids are behaving. When they are getting along and playing nicely together, I am at peace. When I see them share their toys or comfort their brother who is sad or has been hurt, it warms my heart. But when they are yelling, being selfish, taunting one another, or fighting it irritates me like nothing else. They give me lots of opportunities to grow in patience and understanding! (By the way: the caption to the cartoon says "Mummy,Mummy: Tim's piece of cheese doesn't have as many holes as mine) Kids can fight over the dumbest things, don't you agree?

Then I think about the way other people treat my kids. When someone is kind to my children...playing with them, making them laugh, or just showing them love...that person earns a special place in my heart. I noticed that with our babysitter Micki. I love her like family and it's because she's treated my boys so well. But if someone tried to hurt my boys, oh man, totally the opposite.

So if we're all God's children, does the way we treat each other affect Him in the same way? Does the way I treat my spouse, my family, my friends, and even strangers either bring joy or sorrow to the heart of my God? Can we truly treat one of His children badly and then expect to come before Him and be blessed?

May we all fight for peace. Not just because it is best for us, but because we want to bring happiness to our Father.

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